Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A good group member !!!!!

A good group member !!!!!
By:Sandra Baca Ramirez 

A good group member is someone that li to directions.That does not mess around with other people.Does not talk when the teacher is talking and giving directions.Does that directions in other so that everything comes out good in a project are something.Someone that is smart and nows things.That is what I think a good group member is.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Student Blogging Challenge 8

Student Blogging Challenge 8

Challenge 8 – Favorites

1.)One thing that I like is Mexican Food.
Mexican food is really good.If you have not tried mexican food than you should try.It is really good.There is many different kind of food I can only mention 3 that I like.One is pozole.The other one is Tacos.The third one is enchiladas.

2.)My Favorite pet is little Puppies.Puppies are really cute for me.I don't know about you.I really want a puppy but I cant get it cause my parents wont let me have one.But I only one little that wont grow.Like the one in the second picture it is so adorable.  
3.)My favorite Restaurante is El Camino Real.Me and my family like this restaurante because it has mexican food that is really good.They treat you in a nice way.There is food that I like.You should go to that restaurante.It is really good.

4)My favorite color is Pink.I have my room                                  of all  pink.I love pink it is so pretty.You might think I'm a girly-girl but I'm not.I just love pink.I would like to have a party like the one in the second picture.

5.)My favorite thing is go shopping.My favorite stores a Rue 21,Kohls, Jcpenney, and 2b.That is where I get most of all my clothes.I recommend you to try those stores.

6.)My favorite sport is Volleyball.I sometimes go to the park with my friends and play it.It is funny.I did not know how to play is ut it is easy.My friends showed me how to play.

7.)My favorite singer is Austin Mahone. I like this singer because he sings really good.I have most of all the songs from him.The one I really like is "Say Something".The other one I like is Say you are just a friend".

8.)My Favorite song is "Te perdiste in my amor".This song is in spanish.So soem people only can understand is.But is you want to hear it then hear it.But if you don't speak spanish then you wont understand it.

9.)My favorite sebeling is my nephew and niece.They are so adorable.They are my happiness because I always play with them.The boy is Christopher and he is going to be 2 in May 27, 2013.The girl is Laily and she is going to be 1 in July 22, 2013.THey are so big now.

10.)My other favorite sport is Soccer.I always                                                         play in the park with my friends and some boy that are really good at it.I love this sport because it makes you exercise by running so that I don't become fat.